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Our Wine Menu

Indulge in the unique flavors of wines at Holly Ridge Winery in Livingston, Tennessee. We provide a selection of beautifully balanced wines with a smooth lingering finish. Browse our menu to learn more.

Dry White

Seyval Blanc

A light-bodied, fruity, and floral wine. It pairs well with light salads, cheese, and seafood.

Semi-Sweet Red

Ole Redeye

A full-bodied red wine with a tart finish.

Hollyberry Red

High in antioxidants, this wine is full-bodied and fruity. Great with spicy foods.

Black Dawg

Rich and flavorful sweet-tart wine.

Semi-Sweet White


An aromatic, spicy, and semi-sweet German-style wine served with Asian cuisine. Best paired with wild game and smoked salmon.


A light semi-sweet German-style Riesling with a fruity aroma and excellent flavor. Best served with white fish, pork, fruits, cheese, and pasta.

Autumn Harvest

A fresh, new flavor that embodies the tastes of fall. Excellent for mulling

Sweet Red


This timeless tradition is superbly sweet, smooth, and rich


Reminiscent of a warm night in the South. Light-bodied and sweet.

Hogeye Red

High in antioxidants, this wine is full-bodied and fruity. Great with spicy foods.


Black Velvet

A robust blackberry-flavored dessert wine.


A refreshing, sweet cherry-flavored wine.

Peachy Keen

A delicate peach-flavored dessert wine.

Strawberry Swirl

Cool and sweet, this wine is the perfect summer sipper.

Gator Hater

A sports fan favorite infused with citrus flavors.


Made from estate-grown blackberries.


Ruby Port

A fruity red wine fortified with brandy. Former double gold medal winner and recipient of the William O. Beach award.

Muscadine Port

A fortified southern favorite.


If you would like to try our wines before making a purchase, please don’t hesitate to attend our free tastings! We accept walk-in customers.

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